College and Legacy Planning for Families Earning $150,000 to $450,000


College and Legacy Planning

Providing College and Legacy Planning Through Financial Literacy

Financial Planning and Money Management Techniques

Financial Tools

•Online Spending Tracker and Financial Coach to Eliminate at Least $300 in Monthly Spending, Debt Elimination, Business, Taxes and Investment Strategies (Value: $199.50 for 1st Year)

•FREE Cash Flow 101 Board Game Competition Introduction Workshops


•The Mentoring Handbook Includes: [Career Planning, Managing the Learning Process, Course Work, Faculty Engagement/Relationships, Career Path, Peer Relationships, Work Readiness Opportunities, Goal Setting, Work Readiness Skill Sets, Executive Functioning Skills, Global Workplace Skill Sets, Personal and Workplace Values, Learning Groups, Leadership Development Opportunities, Professional Affiliations, Travel Abroad Opportunities, Making Resumes Sparkle, Globalizing Your Resume, Posting an Online Digital Resume]

•[Writing Resume Cover Letters, Prepare Curricula Vitae, Biographical Statement, Internship, Preparation/Opportunities, Learning Common Interview Methods, Informational Interview, Tapping into the Hidden Job Market, Student Business Cards, Social Network Functionality Inventory, Time Management Tools, Encounter Agendas, Mining Network Assets, Networking Tools and Actors, and Building a Power Social Network and Leveraging Networks]

•Book: College Mentoring Handbook, James L. Gray Ed. D. (Value: Book: $14.95 + Shipping and Handling)

•Book: Becoming Your Own Banker: Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept, 4th Edition by R. Nelson Nash (Value: $25.97 + Shipping and Handling

•FREE Financial Education Online Workshops to Assist Parents with Learning How to Invest and Compound Money to Lower or Eliminate the Cost of College Loans

•College Planning Data to Help Families Compare, Analyze and Determine the Best Schools (Value: $3,500-$4,000)

•FAFSA Answer Key for Each College Year Adjusted for Expected Family Contributions (EFC) Based Upon Family Income and Assets, College Search and Selection Database, 100+ Page College Planning Report, Email Notification System (EFS) and Essay Writing Workshop (Value: $2,500)

•College Planning Software License: SAT Prep Course, Career Planning, Compare and Contrast Colleges (Value: $379.00)

•Holistic Integrative Legacy Planning New Client Set up Fee (Value: $295)

•Total Investment: $2,500.00 covers all 4 years of college and beyond

A Community of College and Legacy Planners

Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo Office Investigated Deceptive

Student Loan Practices and Colleges Involvement


  • Students graduate debt-free, and retire before 40
  • Parents protect your assets and actively engage in legacy planning
  • Families eliminate up to $300+ each month in wasteful spending, depending on income
  • Reclaim your future by eliminating burdensome debt and building credit
  • Students/Parents and start a business and take advantage of tax benefits
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