College and Legacy Planning by Preparing a Future Generation of Entrepreneurs and Investors

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College and Legacy Planning


Our mission is to educate and prepare young people and parents to develop an entrepreneur and investor mind-set for college and legacy planning. This will include online discussions, online Cash Flow 101 board game competitions, networking, online affiliate money earning programs, local financial education events that support college and legacy planning. This online discussion will focus on providing financial education articles, entrepreneurship and investment resources, online community support, question/discussion format, online financial and college planning expert referrals and advise.  Our mission is to focus on our online discussion to prepare young people and parents for entrepreneurship and investment opportunities. It does not involve the selling of products and services. We have online expert referrals for college and legacy planning products and services when needed.


Our vision is to prepare 1,000,000 children, young adults, and parents to start businesses, create investment vehicles, implement business plans, and become investors before their children attend or graduate from college. Young people and parents will learn and discuss how to use every resource available on college campuses to grow their businesses during the college phase of legacy planning. Students and parents will collaborate online to build their businesses. Our vision is help students and parents learn how to grow their businesses through internships, trainings, and jobs. If our children are our legacy, then the future of college planning requires having insurance vehicles to lower income on the required Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This effort will provide our children with more access to FAFSA paid work-study jobs, grants, and scholarships money. Our vision also includes  investment insurance vehicles like Index Universal Life polices to reduce or eliminate taxes by becoming our own banks, building credit, investing money, borrowing money, paying our bank loans, charge and earn interest, and growing our money with the 8th wonder of the world, compound interest.

An Online Community of College and Legacy Planners

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Student Loan Practices and Colleges Involvement



  • Students graduate debt-free, and retire before 40
  • Parents protect your assets and actively engage in legacy planning through insurance vehicles, wills, trusts, investments and entrepreneurship.
  • Families eliminate up to $300+ each month in wasteful spending, depending on income.
  • Reclaim your future by eliminating burdensome debt and building credit, investing using insurance vehicles to grow money with the 8th wonder of the world, compound interest.
  • Students/Parents and start and grow a  business and take advantage of tax benefits.
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