Let’s Create Generational Wealth!

Let’s Create Generational Wealth!

Become a member of GINGA Financials’ “Savings for the Future program”. Let’s take a look at the following scenario. We work hard and place our income in the traditional savings account at our local bank. Our initial deposit is $10,000 and each month we deposit $1,000 each month into our savings account. Our annual savings interest rate is 1.50% on average. We save $22,000 at the end of the year and have $247. 28 in total interest earned from our savings. There is something wrong with this picture. We need a different savings model. The traditional savings model is not going to give our families the income and security we need to create generational wealth!

There are several reasons why we save our income. We save for our children’s college education and we also save for our retirement. We save for unexpected life events like loss of income from a job, health care expenses, and car repairs. We recommend that you have enough savings to pay for at least six months of expenses. GINGA Financials’ “Savings for the Future program,” provides a savings plan for generational wealth. Through our partnerships we can help families create generational wealth and you can as well by just spreading the word. Our goal is to save income monthly and create additional income from our savings!

GINGA Financial Community Member Benefits:

  • We offers wealth building vehicles and strategies
  • We offer financial and college planning workshops
  • We offer financial education through our online Facebook community
  • We offer consultation to help families create a wealth building game plan
  • We offer college and legacy planning program
  • We offer Cash Flow 101 game nights
  • We offer entrepreneurial and investment opportunities


  • $199.00

Let’s Create Generational Wealth!

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