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According to the Money Mastery® Program 40% of your income goes to various taxes, 30% goes to interest-bearing debt payments and only 30% is left for you to live on and save for the future.  Our Spending Tracker alone is saving families on average $300+ a month, depending on income.


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With your annual investment of $199.50, you can learn and practice the Ten Money Mastery® Principles, and be an example of financial fitness. A portion of proceeds from the Money Mastery® Program goes to support Ginga Financial’s work within Indigenous American communities.


Take the Money Mastery® Challenge and Discover Financial Literacy:

  • Debt Elimination
  • Earning Surplus
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities
  • Credit Restoration
  • Monthly Financial Coaching
  • Weekly Meetups
  • Cash Flow 101 Board Game Competition
  • Asset Planning
  • Become Your Own Bank
  • Residual Income Opportunities, and
  • Spending Tracker Website & App.


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