Our Purpose

College and Legacy Planning for Families Earning $150,000 to $450,000

Ginga Financial was founded by a teacher in 2007 to address financial inequalities between the American public school and college admission process.

Our Purpose

The purpose of GINGA Financial Literacy Inc., is to address the college money myths and financially position families to gain greater access to college funding and reduce the amount of student loans. Colleges invest in students for the purpose of them becoming alumni and contributing to their endowment fund. “Endowments represent money or other financial assets that are donated to universities or colleges.” Why not invest this money in the student? “The sole intention of the endowment is to invest it, so that the total asset value will yield an inflation-adjusted principal amount, along with additional income for further investments and supplementary expenditures.”

Colleges with the Biggest Endowment Per Student

“At Private Institutions, Revenue from Tuition and Fees Usually Covers Majority of the Cost of Education and Related Spending (E&R). The Subsidy Covering the Difference Comes from Endowments Earnings, Grants, or Private Gifts, Instead of Government Appropriations.”

List of Colleges Involved in Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo Office
Investigation of the College Loan Industry’s Deceptive Student Loan Practices

College Endowment Funds
Boston University: $1,644,000,000,000
Texas Christian University: $1,514,000,000,000
Washington University in St. Louis $6,819,000,000,000


Boston University: $1,644,000,000,000
Texas Christian University: $1,514,000,000,000
Washington University in St. Louis $6,819,000,000,000

Our Mission


  • To Reduce the Amount of College Cost for Parents Earning $150,000 to $450,000
  • To Effectively Address Growing Concerns of Rising Student Loan Debt Levels
  • To Prepare Students to Use Credit Wisely Through Financial Literacy
  • To Address the Lack of Financial Education in High Schools and College Campuses
  • Prepare Families to Build and Pass on Generational Wealth





Our Goal

  • To Provide Financial Resources and Support for Financially Challenged Family Businesses
  • To Provide Financial Education for High School and College Students for the Purpose of Retiring Before Age 40
  • To Provide Financial Education for Professionals Seeking to Leave the 9-5 Rat Race


Our Vision

To Create a Generation of Financially Literate Public School and College Students


GINGA’s vision levels the playing field between families earning $150,000 to $450,000 and colleges earning billions of dollars from their future alumni. We do this by providing the financial tools and resources needed to effectively complete FAFSA and appeal college award letters.

GINGA’s vision also includes a social network to promote success stories on Facebook. GINGA’s vision promotes a strong social network of financially literate high school and college students. Check us out on Facebook at:


Inspiration & Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy is Rooted in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

Equipping Young People with Financial Literacy

GINGA addresses the rising student loan debt crises by equipping families earning $150,000 to $450,000 with financial reallocation services. Young people are leaving college with enormous amounts of student loan debt. We empower families with the financial knowledge, tools, and resources needed to eliminate student loan debts, become financially literate, and embrace social entrepreneurship opportunities through an affordable financial education program.




Core Values 

Preparing Communities for Legacy Planning

COOPERATIVE LEARNING – Creating a fun online cooperative financial literacy learning environment

FINANCIAL EDUCATION – Making advanced financial education strategies to families earning $150,000 to $450,000

MENTORING – Providing mentoring and support for high school and college students

CULTURE – Providing a strong culture of financial literacy in public schools and colleges

SOCIAL NETWORK – Creating a strong social network of public school and college students to promote financial literacy

COMMON GOOD – Promoting common good within American communities through social entrepreneurship

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE – Equipping young people with financial knowledge, tools, and resources to eliminate student loan debt and retire before age forty.


Ginga Financial Literacy, Inc.